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The Tampines Regional Library is a three-storey building that was built to serve the 200,000 Tampines residents. It is large enough to fit six football fields on its three floors and has a collection size of 200,000 books, 300 magazine titles, 10,000 multimedia resources and 30 video-on demand terminals.

Located on level one are the children's library and a commercially-run bookshop where library users can purchase books and other items. The children's library has 50,000 volume of books and a story-telling area for parents to read to their children.

The adult and young people's section is located on level two. There are 150,000 volume of books housed on this level. It also has a special collection that focuses on travel guides, sports, management, information technology and cookery.

Located on level three are: an auditorium, a room with the size of a small tennis court and an Information Technology (IT) gallery. The auditorium was built to accommodate 200 people and is also used by its resident drama group, the Necessary Stage to premiere new plays and hold storytelling sessions. The room is available for rental for the purpose of conducting meetings, workshops and conferences. The IT gallery is meant for vendors to display latest IT products.


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